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Citizen cooperation

How to get in touch

If you have any information that could be of interest for tackling organised crime of any kind, the phenomenon of Islamic fundamentalism, politically-based violence or Islamophobia, please contact Ertzaintza intelligence experts.

  • By telephone

    900.840.843 - Confidential direct line with the Ertzaintza

    The phone call will be handled by members of the Central Intelligence Office or recorded by an automatic answering service and analysed afterwards. To ensure anonymity, the phone number will not be saved; therefore, as much information as possible is requested.

  • By Internet

    Anti-terrorism form

  • You can also contact us by filling-in this secure on-line form.

    Please remember:

    Take into account that these contact methods are only for providing information or collaborating on matters relating to criminal activities that seriously threaten safety, freedom and coexistence. For other types of offences, consultations or common requests, you can go to the nearest Ertzaintza station or contact via the habitual means.