Hotel Register



Service for Hotel Establishments


This service is restricted to Hotel Establishments and prior registration is therefore required.


If you have a password, click Access by user and password.


If you have an electronic certificate, click Access via electronic certificate.  For such a purpose you should have a certificate issued by Izenpe, an Electronic ID card, the FNMT or Camerfirma.


If you are not a registered user, you can access this service by filling in the Company Registration Application Form and the User Registration Application Form. If you do not have an electronic certificate, you can request access by clicking here.


You need to first fill in the details of the applicant in this form and then indicate 'Registration' in the 'Type of Operation' section.


Please choose 'Company' or 'Individual' in the 'Type of Entity' field according to who will be the requested user or users accessing the service.  Depending on what you have selected, you should then fill in the other fields of the 'User Details' group.


Once you have filled in those fields, click the arrow pointing to the right and the requested user will then be added to the 'Requested Operations' table.


You should repeat this operation for each registration application that you want to submit. Once all the users in question have been added, you should click the 'Request' button at the bottom right of the screen.

If you want to remove an authorised user, please access the Removal Request and proceed in the same way as for the Registration Application, but indicate 'Remove' in the 'Type of Operation' field. If you do not have the certificate, you can ask for the user to be removed by clicking here.

If you have any problem accessing the certificate to the application or it will give an error click here.

If you have problems in accessing Hotel Register, click here.