Procedure implemented in cases of gender and domestic violence

All Gender and Domestic Violence (hereinafter DV/GV) cases are processed pursuant to the requirements established in the Quality Management System, while always respecting the provisions established by current criminal and procedural legislation.

All the procedures to be carried out in the case of DV/GV are established and developed in operational instructions and procedures, leaving little up to the decision of the officers involved, thus guaranteeing that the victims of this type of crime are offered full protection and support, and that no aspect is ignored that could impact their guaranteed safety.

Thus, this process covers from the very moment when a case of DV/GV is detected to the time that any violence by the aggressor to the victim stops. Different control points that check that the process is duly reviewed have been implemented to check compliance of all the steps of the process, which thus provides the maximum possible guaranteed safety for those DV/GV victims.

Click here to see the diagram of the procedure implemented in cases of Gender or Domestic Violence, with its control points.