Short background introduction

The Ertzaintza, since it was set up and subsequent deployment from 1982 onwards, has always sought to be known for its professionalism, excellent dealings with the general public, and the desire to improve, by aiming to offer the best possible service to the target society on its services.

It was in 1999, when it decided to take a further step forward, and the Basque Government’s Minister for the Interior, when he appeared before Parliament at the start of his term of office, set the target of developing a Quality Management System based on UNE-EN-ISO standards, for the continuous improvement of the services provided by society. Therefore, internal control mechanisms were implemented, the instructions and procedures for the officers were established and recorded in writing, and tools were put in place that allowed problems in the system to be detected and solve, learn about the opinions of the recipients of the services, along with measuring the degree of compliances of the objectives set by the Ertzaintza Senior Officers for the different processes.

These endeavours culminated in 2002, when the Bilbao Ertzain-Etxea was awarded the ISO 9001:1992 quality certificate from AENOR, the independent certifying entity. The excellent results obtained meant that this new work methodology would be introduced and extended to the other Ertzain-Etxeas, and were implemented in all of them by 2004.  Since then, the successive renewal of the ISO 9001 Quality Certificate by the Ertzaintza has only further highlighted the good work and performance that this police force, which is the pride of Basque society, has been carrying out since it was set up.

In 2013, there was a fundamental change of structure and strategy within the Ertzaintza, when the so-called "2016 Horizon Plan" was introduced by the senior offices of the Ertzaintza.  The plan advocates that the Ertzaintza be transformed for a more approachable police force, committed to society and which will foster peace, coexistence and the safety of people. In the same way, the Ertzaintza has introduced continuous improvement to its management, which will involve a new approach to the process within the Quality Management System, focused on improving, extending and streamlining them.

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