Metallic Waste


Pursuant to the ORDER of the 8 June 2012, of the Basque Government Minister for the Interior, published in the Basque Official Gazette (BOPV) of 25 June 2012, which established for scrap and other waste wholesale establishments the way to comply with the information and registry obligations with the Ertzaintza (Basque Police Force), the aforementioned establishments are hereby notified that they must notify the Ertzaintza, remotely via electronic means, of the acceptance of metallic waste.  However, there shall be a six-month adaptation period from the day following the publication in the BOPV. Until the software application that enables the relevant information to be notified using the virtual page  is up and running, the establishments shall meet the information requirements requested by the different Citizen Security Units of the Ertzaintza. The starting date of the communications shall be duly notified.