Preguntas frecuentes

  • Where can a file a complaint when I have been the victim of an offence or a misdemeanour?

    At any of the police stations or customer service offices of the Ertzaintza.


    You can find their location at "Police stations" or by telephoning the emergency number 112.


    In some cases you can also file a complaint via the Internet, by accessing the following address: here

    What offences or misdemeanours can be reported through the Internet?

    The following incidents can be reported: matters concerning property damage (for a value of less than 400 euros), loss, theft or recovery of documents and personal effects, thefts from vehicles, and the theft or recovery of vehicles, provided that no physical violence against persons has taken place and that the perpetrators of the offence have not been identified.


    The complaint must be subsequently confirmed within 72 hours at any of the Ertzaintza police stations.

    What must I take into account when reporting a crime/offence?

    If you have been the victim of theft or burglary at your residence, vehicle, office or any building, you must avoid touching anything until the arrival of the Ertzaintza officers, in order to ensure that any evidence is not removed or altered in any way.

    If you have been physically attacked you must keep the injury report issued by the health care facility to attach it to your complaint.

    In the case of a sexual assault, you should not wash yourself or your clothes until you have been examined by the medical forensic experts.