What is Ekinbide?

The Citizens' Initiative Office for the improvement of the public security system, Ekinbide, is the service responsible for receiving, reviewing and responding to complaints, comments and suggestions for improving the public security system in the Basque Country and the services that it provides to citizens, in order to improve the quality of and confidence in these services.

Its area of competence is the set of actions, services and 'deliverables' provided by the public security system bodies and services in the Basque country:

  1. The authorities with competences in the field of public security, as well as competences in public security, emergencies and civil protection.
  2. The police forces of the Basque Country, as well as local policemen and traffic wardens employed by the municipalities.
  3. The emergency and civil protection services, emergency coordination centres, fire prevention, fire-fighting and rescue services and other members of the Basque emergency care and civil protection system.
  4. The coordinating, advisory and participation bodies in the field of public security

*DECREE 181/2015, of September 29, on the Citizens' Initiative Office for improving the public security system - Ekinbide.