How to process an gratitude, complaint or suggestion for improvement

Any person or entity may submit an initiative by following the procedure below.

You can use the face-to-face and telematic channels of Ekinbide, as well as any branch of the services which are part of the public security system in the Basque Country.

They are accepted in any format: e-mail, postal mail, fax… although there is a standard form which, once completed, you send to:

  • Oficina de iniciativas ciudadanas para la mejora del sistema de seguridad pública-Ekinbide (Larrauri Mendotxe Bidea, 18 - 48950 ERANDIO)
  • By going to the Ekinbide head office in Erandio
  • Any of the centres of the services in the public security system
  • By any of the other means provided for by the legislation in the legal system of the Public Administrations and Common Administrative Procedure.

The data required are as follows: name and surname(s) of the person concerned, their national ID number, address and channel for reporting purposes, the reason for or content of the initiative and the service to which it refers.

We do not accept initiatives:

  1. that are anonymous,
  2. that are in bad faith or are unfounded,
  3. that are classifiable as actions, claims or accusations,
  4. that do not relate to services, performance or 'deliverables' included in the scope of the public security system in the Basque Country,
  5. that relate to occurrences more than one year prior to the date of registering the initiative,
  6. that are submitted by staff of the services included in its scope, except where they are made exclusively as a citizen,