Private safety



Service for Security Companies


This service is restricted to Security Companies, and users must be registered to use it.


Click here if you are a registered user.


If your are not a registered user you may request access to this service by completing the Registration request Form.

For such a purpose you should have a certificate issued by Izenpe, an Electronic ID card, the FNMT or Camerfirma


On the form, you must first enter applicant's details and then select 'Register' in the section marked 'Type of opertation'.


You must select 'Company' or 'Individual' in the 'Entity type' field according to whom you are requesting access for.

After you make your selection, you must then complet the remaining fields in the 'User detais' group.


Once you have filled out these fields,click on the arrow pointing to the right to include the requested user in the Requested operations box.


Repeat this process as many times as required, one for each registration request you wish to submit. Once all details have been entered for all required users, click on the button 'Request' located at the bottom right.


To request cancellation of the registration of an authorised user please access the Registration Cancellation Request form. Select Cancel registration in the field labelled Type of opertation and follow the same steps as in the Registration Application process.


If you have any problem accessing the certificate to the application or it will give an error click here.

If you have problems in accessing Private safety, click here.


Basic legislation of Private Security


Main rules for private security:


Ley de Seguridad Privada


Decreto 207-2014 sobre competencias de Euskadi


Orden sobre empresas de seguridad privada


Orden sobre medidas de seguridad en establecimientos


Orden sobre personal de seguridad


Reglamento de seguridad privada


Orden sobre sistemas de alarma


Decreto Comisión Mixta de Coordinación de la Seguridad Privada de Euskadi


BOE Moratoria 07.08.2013