If you wish to file a formal complaint because you feel that you have been a victim of a computer-related crime, please go to the nearest Ertzaintza police station, where you will dealt with immediately.

When presenting the complaint, please take the following into account:

  • Do not forget to provide all the documentation you have about the illicit facts, although they may be irrelevant to you.
  • If possible, make a digital copy (diskette or cdr), with the data provided, such as e-mails, photographs, etc.
  • As regards the electronic data, the information contained in the headers is particularly important, if, therefore you cannot provide a copy of the same, you should enclose a printed version of the data contained in the same.
  • When there are messages to mobile phones involved, please provide the full text.
  • Your complaint will always be dealt by expert staff in this type of crime. In this sense, the Ertzaintza, within the Criminal Investigation and Judicial Police Unite, counts on a group that is specialised in this matter, made up of agents with specific training in legal and technical aspects, and with experience in criminal investigation. This department is called "Sección Central de Delitos en Tecnologías de la Información" (SCDTI) (Central Section Handling IT Crime).
  • SCDTI agents, within their activity of discovering and investigating crimes related to new technologies and Internet, handle all of the Ertzaintza's actions in these matters.